CNN Stories

6/6/18: Australian woman's death linked to hepatitis from pomegranate seeds

6/6/18: Measles vaccine recommended for those attending World Cup

6/6/18: Patient remains awake for 90 minutes of CPR, doctor says

5/30/18: Pregnancy complications might 'turn on' schizophrenia genes, study says

5/29/18: Childhood obesity is high in home of Mediterranean diet

5/24/18: Using a CPAP machine can improve sex lives for some, study says

5/21/18: Unnecessary and accidental use of ADHD drugs increases over 60%, study suggests

5/15/18: Maintaining a daily rhythm is important for mental health, study suggests

5/14/18: US stillbirths and newborn deaths down 11.5%, study says

5/9/18: Woman's runny nose was actually fluid from inside her brain

5/8/18: Prostate cancer screening recommendations get rolled back by US task force

5/7/18: Opioid deaths barely slowed by prescription monitoring, study suggests

5/5/18: 132-pound ovarian tumor removed from Connecticut woman

5/2/18: Group of rare eye cancer cases baffles experts

5/1/18: Synthetics now killing more people than prescription opioids, report says

4/27/18: Blue light like that from smartphones linked to some cancers, study finds

4/26/18: Common antibiotic significantly reduces child deaths across Africa

4/25/18: Certain common medications tied to 30% higher dementia risk, study finds

4/24/18: Wounded veteran receives first penis and scrotum transplant

4/23/18: Caffeine in pregnancy linked to childhood weight gain in new study

4/19/18: Marijuana's effects on young brains diminish 72 hours after use, research says

4/18/18: A comedian broke his penis and wrote a book about it

4/13/18: Drop in new opioid prescriptions to benzodiazepine patients could reduce overdoses, study suggests

4/13/18: Night owls have 10% higher mortality risk, study says

4/10/18: Brain effects of 'hottest pepper in the world' put man in hospital

4/2/18: Marijuana legalization could help offset opioid epidemic, studies find

3/23/18: Liver transplant saves one teen, but identical twin dies

3/21/18: Male birth control pill one step closer to reality, researchers say

3/13/18: Doctors find air pocket hidden in man’s brain

3/12/18: US deaths from lead exposure 10 times higher than thought, study suggests

3/5/18: Opioid overdose among children nearly doubles, study says

2/23/18: New genetic link reveals some ovarian cancer passed down by fathers

2/21/18: Excessive alcohol use linked to early-onset dementia risk

2/21/18: Surgical sponges left inside woman for at least 6 years

2/15/18: World’s first human case of H7N4 bird flu identified in China

2/14/18: New Dutch law to make all adults organ donors unless they opt out

2/13/18: Kidney stones on the rise in US, study suggests

2/13/18: Psychiatric illnesses share similar patterns of gene activity, study suggests

2/7/18: Safe injection sites unanimously endorsed in San Francisco

2/7/18: Herpes rates decline across US

2/6/18: Hot tea linked to esophageal cancer in smokers, drinkers

2/1/18: Couple finds worms in feet after a beach vacation

1/26/18: Boy’s skull pierced with screw in treehouse building accident


Peninsula Press Stories

12/20/17: Santa Clara County program connects the formerly incarcerated with primary healthcare

11/19/17: Sonoma fires put unprecedented strain on region's healthcare system

11/2/17: Hepatitis A outbreak triggers vaccination efforts across the state